FOTON Optoelectronics is a dynamic South African company founded in 1998.We specialize in design, manufacture and distribution of laser, surveying, astronomical equipment and accessories. All our products are developed to withstand the toughest working conditions. Exceptional craftsmanship and the use of only high quality materials and components guarantee the reliability of FOTON products for years to come.
FOTON laser systems are used in mining, construction, railway and tunneling industries. The range of surveying instruments and accessories offered by FOTON is well known in Southern Africa
The choice of TAL, Meade,Celestron telescopes and other fine optical products can suit any budget, depending on application and level of sophistication you wish to acquire. We manufacture astronomical accessories to satisfy your requirements.
FOTON Optoelectronics is a supplier of green, red, blue laser pointers, laser diode modules in visible and infrared wavelenghts, optical components for your OEM requirements, experiments and projects. Our new range of laser products includes high power laser systems for entartainment / laser shows



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